Phantom Nirvana

S1 Ep13 - Festival of the hunt

July 19, 2022 Phantom Nirvana Season 1 Episode 13
Phantom Nirvana
S1 Ep13 - Festival of the hunt
Show Notes

Phantom Nirvana is a Dungeons and Dragons podcast. In our last episode Malory found Sariah the miller and learned more about the manipulation of the villagers by the temple of Yeenoghu. Oh, and Marcus caused a horrific scene.  Our cast is Reagan as Axel Johnson, Michael as Joshua Ames, Ben as Sam Campbell, Kevin as Marcus Burkhead, Phil as the Dungeon master, and Courtney as Malory Reed. Be advised, this story contains dark themes that may not be suitable for some audiences. Join the conversation on social media @PhantomNirvana

Our Music is by:
Sagey - @sagey.sagey
Dying Suns - @dyingsunsband
Houseflies in December - @housefliesindecember
J.D. Garza -  @thejdgarza
Turntrie - @turntrie
Art is by Sydney Lodge - @syd.lodge95